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iPhone case (for iPhone 13 Pro Max ONLY (because why would you go mini?) with 1 Instant retro camera photo of your choice included.


Make an order -> send us your favourite 1-3 pictures stating order number -> we will print it out with out with our instant retro printer -> get case with personalized image -> enjoy -> make those mirror selfies -> inspire others / tag @thepandaonline


Personalised Instant Camera Photo iPhone case (1 insta retro photo included)

  • Have you ever wondered why all personalised iPhone covers are so "kitsch" and there are none aesthetically pleasing ones? We did... 

    Case / Clear silicone shockproof case for iPhone 13 Pro Max (only sell Max, because why would you go mini...?)

    Picture / Personalized retro picture dimentions / 2.1 x 3.4 (5.3 x 8.6cm)

    Packaging / we only used biogradable packaking, no boxes, no gift boxes. Your biggest gift is less polution to our beautiful Earth. 

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